Zinc Oil For Older Cars

Prices 2018 - Zinc Oil For Older Cars, Classic car oil - classic car motor oil company | hagerty, The issue is that changes in oil formulation have reduced the amount of a zinc additive (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, zddp) and often increased the amount of detergent in modern oils. for awhile there were few oil products available for classic cars, but today, several companies have come out with products specifically designed for older cars.. Do older vehicles need high zinc motor oil? - amsoil blog, What is high zinc motor oil? engine builders and gearheads typically use high-zinc and high-phosphorus (zddp) motor oil to offer extra protection for flat-tappet cams, lifters and other components during break-in. amsoil break-in oil , for example, contains 2,200 ppm zinc and 2,000 ppm phosphorus.. Zinc oil additive - hot rod network, There used to be 1,400-1,500 zinc ppm in [passenger-car] motor oils, about where [shell] rotella [diesel-truck] oil is now. we ran those high levels for years and years and never had a problem ..

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