Why Liberals Are Morons

Prices 2018 - Why Liberals Are Morons, 7 reasons why liberals are incapable of understanding the, Taking being non-judgmental to the level that liberals do leaves them paralyzed, pondering "why they hate us" because they feel incapable of saying, “that's wrong," and doing something about it.. - liberalism has gone beyond “mainstreaming dumb” to, However, we’ve now gotten to the point where liberals are “mainstreaming crazy.” by that, i mean there is increasingly a merger of thought between radical college professors, weird feminists .. The anti liberal zone: liberals are idiots, Liberals are idiots a few days ago in anchorage, a cabby raped a woman. he was caught by a citizen who was carrying a weapon, as per the second amendment, and held at gunpoint till the cops got there..

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