Underswap Papyrus Simulator Game Jolt

Prices 2018 - Underswap Papyrus Simulator Game Jolt, Papyrus. -underswap papyrus final battle v. 1.0 - game jolt, This time around, you killed sans, and papyrus meets you in the judgement hall in his place. controls: arrow keys to move, z to select. version 1.0. Papyrus simulator 2 player edition (underswap) on scratch, I only changed ut sans around with us papyrus but all credit goes to: wrongfulranger0 & spacer789 the slamming sprites and the sans sprite belonged to: addicted2electronics, i just had to make enough to make a proper game (addicted2electronics i am sorry if i have done anything wrong, so i credited .. Underswap papyus simulator v5.3 on scratch, Ever wanted to underswap papyrus? to see how it feels to give frisk a bad time? well now you can! z to scroll through text, left, right, up, and down to make bone walls. (press left, right, up, and down with space to throw around chara's soul ..

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