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Prices 2018 - Syria Coins, Greek coinage index by issuing authority - wildwinds, Greek and provincial coin cities. wildwinds now includes the corinth staters special section formerly online as corinthianstaters, written by john hayes, which covers corinthian pegasus staters from all the issuing cities.; select the city or king in the appropriate dropdown list, then click go or select from the regular list sorted according to region, below.. Roman coins - forum ancient coins, Roman coins for sale.sextus pompey, imperator and prefect of the fleet, executed 35 b.c. in greek mythology, scylla was a monster that lived on one side of strait of messina between italy and sicily, opposite her counterpart charybdis.the two sides of the strait were within an arrow's range of each other - so close that sailors attempting to avoid charybdis would pass dangerously close to .. Greek coins - forum ancient coins, Otho, 15 january 69 - 17 april 69 a.d., antioch, seleucis and pieria, syria gaius licinius mucianus (named on this coin) was governor of syria.when he failed to put down the jewish revolt, vespasian was sent to replace him. after the death of galba, mucianus and vespasian both swore allegiance to otho.mucianus persuaded vespasian to take up arms against vitellius, who had seized the throne..

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