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Prices 2018 - Poochyena, Poochyena | pokémon wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Poochyena (japanese: ポチエナ pochiena) is a dark-type pokémon introduced in generation iii. poochyena is a small, quadruped wolf or hyena-like pokémon. its scruffy, unkempt fur is mostly gray in color. it has dark gray fur on its face, underbelly, and paws, as well as inside its pointed ears. it.. Poochyena generation 3 move learnset (ruby, sapphire, Egg moves. poochyena learns the following moves via breeding in pokémon ruby & sapphire. details and compatible parents can be found on the poochyena egg moves page.. Pokémon-x, Pokémon-x, the first, and only original pokémon sprite comic on the internet.

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