Oil And Gas Industry Future

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Prices 2018 - Oil And Gas Industry Future, What is the future of the oil and gas industry? - quora, Data generated in the oil and gas industry is increasing in volume, variety, and velocity. oil and gas industry needs new technologies to integrate and interpret such large amounts of structured and unstructured data generated daily from different data sources such as seismic data, geological data, well logging data, etc.. Future oil & gas - official site, Where business meets innovation. senior executives from oil and gas operators, service companies, technology suppliers and industry experts will meet at the annual future oil & gas conference to examine the disruptive innovation and emerging processes that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry.. The future of oil and gas? look to the past - forbes, In the early days of 2017, it behooves oil and gas companies to reflect on the past, while making plans robust to an uncertain future outlook..

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