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Prices 2018 - M113 20mm Vulcan, M113 apc (1961) - tank encyclopedia, the first online tank, The m113 apc for armoured personal carrier was the most legendary of them all. built to around 80,000, sold to 60 countries, modified to a hundred variants.. M61 vulcan - internet movie firearms database - guns in, General electric m61 vulcan cannon. caliber: 20x102mm length: 73.80 inches barrel length: weight: gun: 248 pounds muzzle velocity: 3,380 feet per second. The battlefield - armored vehicles - prime portal, The battlefield - armored, soft skin, towed, or otherwise. if it is military and on the ground, it is here..

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the m163 vulcan air defense system (vads) is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (spaag) that was used by the united states army. the m168 gun is a variant of the general dynamics 20 mm m61 vulcan rotary cannon—the standard cannon in most us combat aircraft since the 1960s. m163 20mm vulcan air defense system (vads) . m163 vulcan the m113 apc fitted with a 20mm m61 vulcan gatling . .22 lr to 14,5x114 mm & 20 mm vulcan!! u.s. airman assigned to the 531st commodities maintenance squadron performs test firing 20mm m61 vulcan and 30mm gau-8 avenger aircraft gatling guns after a .

Medium caliber ammunition - general dynamics ordnance and, Medium caliber ammunition - 20mm / 25mm / 30mm / 40mm medium caliber cartridges with proven reliability the united states and it's allies.. In-service miniatures - micro armor mayhem, In-service miniatures: courtesy of mike mccloud, a scan of what appears to be an early ism catalog. see here.andy kirk has kindly sent over a later ism catalog (page 1, page 2), after the company had been bought by a manufcaturer in illinois, while mark bevis has sent me a very early ism catalog.. Vads - wikipedia, 概要. vadsシリーズは、m61 バルカンの対空砲バージョンであるm168 20mm機関砲を中核として、レーダー、コンピュータなどによる射撃管制装置を組み合わせた半自動システムである。. M163 vulcan – wikipedia, Das m163 vulcan air defense system ist ein in den 1960er-jahren in den vereinigten staaten entwickelter flugabwehrpanzer auf basis eines modifizierten m113a1-chassis, welcher mit einem modifizierten m61 vulcan-gatling-geschütz (m168) und einem feuerleitradar ausgerüstet ist..

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