M113 20mm Vulcan

Prices 2018 - M113 20mm Vulcan, M113 apc (1961) - tank encyclopedia, the first online tank, The m113 apc for armoured personal carrier was the most legendary of them all. built to around 80,000, sold to 60 countries, modified to a hundred variants.. M61 vulcan - internet movie firearms database - guns in, The vulcan air defense system (vads) was a ground-based anti-aircraft version of the m61a1 developed to replace the obsolete ww2-era m45 quadmount in the 1960s after the cancellation of the overly ambitious mim-46 mauler sam system in 1965, with the towed m167 vads entering service in 1967. the m113-mounted self-propelled version, the m163 vads, entered service in 1969, replacing the m42 duster.. The battlefield - armored vehicles - prime portal, The battlefield - armored, soft skin, towed, or otherwise. if it is military and on the ground, it is here..

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  • the btr 80 is an 8x8 wheeled amphibious armoured personnel
  • italeri; m 163 vads; ita6560; ita 6560; ita 6560; 1:35
  • idf m113 fitter izrael academy 1388 pojazdy naprawcze

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