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Prices 2018 - Hurrem Sultan, Hürrem sultan: a beloved wife or master manipulator, Hürrem sultan was born in ruthenia in western ukraine, which was under the rule of the kingdom of poland at the time. thereafter, she was known as "roxelane," which means "the girl from ruthenia.". although her birth name was aleksandra lisowska,.. Who is hurrem sultan, roxelana, hoyam sultana, Who is hurrem sultan, roxelana, hoyam sultana. hürrem haseki sultan was the wife and haseki sultan of suleiman the magnificent and mother of sehzade mehmed, mihrimah sultan,selim ii, sehzade beyazit and sehzade cihangir. after suleiman the magnificent, her son selim ii ascend the throne and managed the ottoman empire from 7th of september 1566 to 15 december 1574 (8 years.). Hurrem sultan - suleiman's true love - history of royal women, Hurrem sultan – suleiman’s true love. however, roxelana’s elevation as queen created great hostility between her and mahidevran, suleiman’s concubine and mother of his eldest son, mustafa. suleiman made him a governor of manisa, a province far from suleiman’s capital of istanbul, and his mother went with him..

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