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Prices 2018 - Gold American Eagle, American gold eagle coins - shop u.s. golden eagles, First minted in 1986, the american gold eagle is among the world’s most popular and beloved gold bullion coins. their creation by the united states mint was authorized by the gold coin bullion act of 1985. since then, gold eagles have become a staple in investment portfolios and bullion collections around the globe.. Gold eagles | complete guide to american gold eagles, The american gold eagle was first issued in 1986 as the official gold bullion coin of the united states of america. the coins were authorized by congress, under the american eagle bullion program, as a method for investors to conveniently and cost effectively purchase precious metals.. Buy american gold eagle coins | golden eagle coins, The obverse of u.s. gold bullion coins follows the artistic design created by augustus saint-gaudens for the $20 gold double eagles issued from 1907-1933. the design features lady liberty carrying an olive branch and a torch. gold coin sets from golden eagle coins are available from 1986 through the present..

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2008 american gold eagle | gold eagle guide, The 2008 gold eagle was released during tumultuous times. global financial troubles caused a surging interest in gold which had implications for sales of the gold eagle bullion and collector coins.. New us american gold eagle coins, united states gold, American gold eagles new u.s. gold coins: gold american eagle coins (click to enlarge) the american gold eagle coin depicts the liberty design by augustus saint-gaudens on the obverse and a "family of eagles" on the reverse.. Gold american eagle coins - apmex, Buy american gold eagle coins from apmex. these beautiful coins come in fractional sizes, bu and graded and certified varieties. there is a large variety from which to choose, allowing you to grow your investment portfolio. buy american gold eagle coins from apmex today at competitive prices. fast and free shipping!. American gold eagle 1 oz coin - random date | provident, The american gold eagle offers a great way to boost your precious metal bullion portfolio. dates are of our choice and will range from 1986 - 2010..

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