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Prices 2018 - Current Global Temperature Graph, Global warming - wikipedia, Global warming is a long-term rise in the average temperature of the earth's climate system, an aspect of climate change shown by temperature measurements and by multiple effects of the warming. the term commonly refers to the mainly human-caused observed warming since pre-industrial times and its projected continuation, though there were also much earlier periods of global warming.. Uah global temperature update for december, 2017: +0.41, Uah global temperature update for december, 2017: +0.41 deg. c january 2nd, 2018 by roy w. spencer, ph. d.. How does the medieval warm period compare to current, While the medieval warm period saw unusually warm temperatures in some regions, globally the planet was cooler than current conditions. one of the most often cited arguments of those skeptical of global warming is that the medieval warm period (800-1400 ad) was as warm as or warmer than today. using ..

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Global temperature record - wikipedia, The global temperature record shows the fluctuations of the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans through various spans of time. the most detailed information exists since 1850, when methodical thermometer-based records began. there are numerous estimates of temperatures since the end of the pleistocene glaciation, particularly during the current holocene epoch.. Spiralling global temperatures | climate lab book, Spiralling global temperatures. click for full size animated version. the animated spiral presents global temperature change in a visually appealing and straightforward way. the pace of change is immediately obvious, especially over the past few decades. the relationship between current global .. Carbon dioxide through the geological eras -, From the early triassic to the middle cretaceous, the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide was similar to its current density. from the late cretaceous to the early miocene, the concentration climbed above 210 ppmv.. The big picture: 65 million years of temperature swings, Image created by robert a. rohde / global warming art 5 million years of cooling. the last five million years of climate change is shown in the next graph based on work by lisiecki and raymo in 2005 [2] ..

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