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Prices 2018 - Chain Of Infection Biohazard Symbol, Chapter 3: infection control, safety, first aid and, Source patients, if known, must be tested for hiv and hbv. when the chain of infection is broken, an: infection is prevented from happening. the focus of infection control turned from preventing patient-to-patient transmission to preventing patient-to-personnel transmission with the introduction of this concept.. Quiz 3 - phlebotomy flashcards | quizlet, Chain of infection. six key components needed for the transmission of infection. infections agent, reservoir, exit pathway, means of transmission, entry pathway, susceptible host . biohazard symbol. radiation hazard symbol. . quiz 3 - phlebotomy. 109 terms. chapter 3 phlebotomy (infection control) 43 terms. osha/infection control/safety.. Chain of infection | definition of chain of infection by, Hais are caused by a variety of breakdowns in the chain of infection transmission, most notably failure of healthcare providers to properly sanitize their hands when clinically indicated..

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