By Signing I Attest

Prices 2018 - By Signing I Attest, Difference between notarization & attestation | superior, It’s a common assumption that “notarization” and “attestation” refer to the same type of act. while a state-commissioned public notary can only perform notarial acts, attestations are required for certain documents.. Attest | definition of attest by merriam-webster, Attest definition is - to affirm to be true or genuine; specifically : to authenticate by signing as a witness. how to use attest in a sentence. synonym discussion of attest.. Attest law and legal definition | uslegal, inc., Attest is a legal term that refers to the act of a person swearing to or affirming the truth of something. attestation may be made by bearing witness to the execution of a document by signing one's signature to the document..

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