Biggest Pig In The World

Prices 2018 - Biggest Pig In The World, Why the world’s biggest pig is in serious trouble, In any case, the eastern subspecies is one of the most endangered hogs in the world, and it lives in scattered populations in two or three spots in uganda, kenya, ethiopia, and probably south sudan. in my last report, we estimated a population in kibale of less than 200 animals.. The biggest pig in the world? - youtube, Gertrude is the world's biggest gm pig, her cells contain dna from an african rhino and she lives on a farm in the uk. How much does the largest pig weigh? |, As of 2014, the world record for largest pig belongs to big bill, who weighed in at 2,552 pounds in 1933. big bill was 9 feet long and 5 feet high, and he was so large that there was a time when his stomach would reach the ground..

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