Are 3d Tvs Worth It 2015

Prices 2018 - Are 3d Tvs Worth It 2015, With a bullet to the head from samsung, 3d tv is now, Tvs with a bullet to the head from samsung, 3d tv is now deader than ever. it may shamble forward zombie-style for a few more years, but without the world's no. 1 tv maker on board, 3d tv is doomed.. 3d tvs are dead at ces 2015, now the fight's moved to 4k, This year, 3d tvs are completely, utterly missing. and it’s great. if you wanted any evidence that they’ve effectively gone nowhere, look to ces 2015. samsung announced a number of suhd new tvs, all of which don’t support 3d. sony has it’s own uhd tvs which also don’t support 3d, and the same goes for lg.. 3d tv is dead - what you need to know, With its worldwide 3d success, movie studios not only started pumping out a steady stream of 3d movies into movie theaters but tv makers, beginning with panasonic and lg, made 3d available for home viewing with the introduction of 3d tv..

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